A Milestone and an Announcement

January 5, 2018


Although many of you post every day and have long since achieved this milestone, I’m proud to announce my thousandth post here at Chubby Chatterbox. In 2011 my son CJ encouraged me to create a blog to create an audience for my writing, which I seem to be doing less and less these days.


Over the years I’ve met many great people online and I treasure the friendships I’ve made. I’ve been uplifted by the powerful and often humorous sentiments of my fellow bloggers and I’ve felt warmly embraced. Many of you have commented enthusiastically when I’ve shared stories of my childhood, our travels and my passion for art, while others provided words of encouragement when our son collapsed with an aneurism two years ago, and when my mother passed on Christmas Eve in 2016. Living through both of these traumas would have been much more difficult without my online family. But all things must come to an end, for now, anyway.


I’ve decided to take a hiatus from blogging to concentrate on my art and other challenges that are taking up more and more of my time. I don’t feel I can continue giving this blog proper attention.


I’ve always been frustrated and disappointed when fellow bloggers departed without explanation. I’ve worried about these folks; had a health issue prompted the departure? Death? I’m sure both have played a part in blogging disappearances. I was determined that when the time came for me to say goodbye I wouldn’t vanish without an explanation. Mrs. Chatterbox and I are enjoying good health and I’m just on a path to seek new challenges.


I’ve enjoyed being your chubby chatterbox, even though I’m not as chubby as I once was.




Me in the year 1995




Me in the year 2017



Now it’s time to recharge my batteries and reinvent myself, as I did when I created Chubby Chatterbox. I’m calling this a hiatus instead of a farewell because it’s quite possible that, like many others, I’ll return.  


I couldn’t have maintained this blog as long as I did without the help of Mrs. Chatterbox, who read everything I posted and kept me from from unintentionally being offensive. My efforts to amuse and entertain would have been greatly diminished without her.


In closing, I wish everyone a prosperous New Year, one filled with success, love and good health. Take care.


Chubby Chatterbox signing off….   



 Self Portrait, charcoal, 2018






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So sad to read this as you were one of my favorite blogs. I do not feel the responsibility to post with regularity or clarity and you always did. I hope you return, even if only sporadically. Have a great time working on your art. It is a good passion and you do it so well!! Keep us posted.
By: Tabor on January 5, 2018
Aw, I'm going to miss your stories and posts on art history. Good luck with your art and come back soon!
By: PT Dilloway on January 5, 2018
Stephen I have enjoyed you being a big part of our little family and really appreciate you still being there for me when I returned from my hiatus with my health issues. I wish you good luck in everything that you do and want you to know that I have faith that whatever you do that you will do it well. I hope to see you again soon my good friend.
By: Jimmy on January 5, 2018
Going to miss you but thanks for not vanishing without a trace. Understand the need to focus on your art though. Pop in once and a while to update us.
By: Alex J. Cavanaugh on January 5, 2018
NOOOO! I will certainly miss you. But I understand how much time blogging can take away from other pursuits. My own writing has suffered from inattention. Best wishes in your other ventures, and also to Mrs. C and CJ and his gal.
By: Val on January 5, 2018
I was late to the game here, but enjoyed that brief time very much. Thanks for warning us in advance - I hate wondering what happened when folks just disappear! Wishing you and your family all the best!
By: Kelly on January 5, 2018
We'll see you down the road or round the bend. Enjoy the trip.
By: Joanne Noragon on January 5, 2018
OMG, I will miss you SO MUCH!!
By: fishducky on January 5, 2018
Oh dreary me....we will all miss you, but I am sure we all "get it". Blogging can take a lot of time and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every post of yours. I do understand and hope that when you have your art on the walls of a Portland Gallery you will let all of us know so we can be there at the Opening! And a big thank you for letting us know so we do not worry! Cheers and have fun with paint! ps Big hugs to Mrs C for all her loving encouragements!
By: Kathe W. on January 5, 2018
Take care, Stephen. It has been a pleasure blogging with you and I certainly it's only a hiatus because you will be missed. Take care.
By: Mr. Shife on January 5, 2018
Congrats big time on 1000. You are going to be MISSED but I so appreciate your letting us know. Do just recharge and be back. Hopefully you will find it hard to stay away. I know I have. Be well, be happy and come back.
By: Arkansas Patti on January 5, 2018
I'll miss you. Love, Janie
By: Janie Junebug on January 5, 2018
Well, I'm one who's saddened by your departure from blog world. You had a class act. You had well written stuff and Mrs. C deserves credit. You made comments on art that made sense so I learned much out of your blog. The best to you on your upcoming ventures. Congratulations on the 1000th post.
By: Keith Kline on January 5, 2018
Oh no, just when I have been plotting my return. Of course, I’ll have quite a few of your posts to read in your absence. I have always learned from your posts about travel and art, and you are an excellent storyteller. Enjoy your new pursuits and come back to report on them from time to time.
By: Nancy, aka BLissed-Out Grandma on January 5, 2018
Oh man this makes me sad! I’m glad that you’re going to be more involved with your art, but it’s a bummer for the rest of us.
By: The Bug on January 5, 2018
I'll miss your entertaining posts, Stephen, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I've always been impressed by your ability to post on such a regular basis, I can hardly manage one a week, let alone daily, and I know it takes a lot of time and effort. Hope you'll be back at some point ...
By: Botanist on January 5, 2018
Doggone but i'm going to miss you. If you publish a book, please let me know, i want to buy a copy. And if you ever become a grandfather, come back and share the joy.
By: messymimi on January 5, 2018
I'm happy for you, but I'll miss you so much. Your blog was always such a pleasure to read, and learn from. Please do come back from time to time. Please. :)
By: scott park on January 5, 2018
Stephen, that's sad news. i'll miss your blog and you. you've given me much pleasure over the years. i do hope you return and i wish you and mrs chatterbox all the best for the future. xx
By: Fran on January 5, 2018
I'm sorry you won't be around regularly, but I commend you on setting priorities that help you lead your best life. All the best to you and Mrs. C and your son and daughter-in-law. I've learned a lot here, and been entertained, for which I thank you!
By: jenny_o on January 5, 2018
Stephen, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and thank you earnestly for being a bright, informative and frequently humorous part of my reading life. Like your other readers and fans I will miss what you contribute and your illumination. It has been a joy to be a part of your community. Good luck and God speed!
By: Tom Cochrun on January 5, 2018
I will miss your stories and your artwork. Thanks for sharing all this time. Wishing you happiness, artistic creations, in your future as the Slim Silent One.
By: Mitchell is Moving on January 6, 2018
good luck and perseverance in your new endeavors.
By: Ellen Abbott on January 6, 2018
Your Blog will be missed by many, thank you for sharing a bit of your life with your readers. Your travel adventures, growing up with Delgado and of course your love for Art. THANK YOU Stephan, you enriched my life. Hilde
By: Hilde on January 6, 2018
This is a great way to go out (hiatus, as you call it). Very good self-portrait. Greetings from London.
By: A Cuban In London on January 7, 2018
I'm sad - You will be missed, Stephen. Hopefully your hiatus is a short one. I say that for my own selfish reasons only. Enjoy your time exploring other things.
By: STL Fan on January 7, 2018
Fare thee well, my friend. I'll miss your intelligent posts (God knows you won't get any at my place).
By: Al Penwasser on January 7, 2018
Awww...I will miss your posts, but I'm glad you told us and didn't leave us hanging and wondering. I hope you come back from time to time and give us updates, like after exciting trips or interesting family news. Thank you for all the free art education we received!
By: Pixel Peeper on January 7, 2018
Will miss your stories and your humor. The term "hiatus" suggests you may one day come back. Just know that if and when you do, we will all welcome you back with open arms.Take care!
By: Tom Sightings on January 8, 2018
Stephen, you introduced me and US to many interesting topics. Some were funny, educational, humbling, sentimental, medical... family matters and the inherit challenges and love all stirred into your successful Chubby Chatterbox recipe. I will miss you and your family.
By: Daniel LaFrance on January 12, 2018
We’re going to miss you. I recently learned a blog follower who had disappeared had died a couple years ago—I was shocked even though I knew she had cancer. I am glad you are doing well and I wish you well and will miss your humor!
By: Sage on January 12, 2018
Sorry to see the stories end cousin (many I related to personally which made them even more special). I wish you and Mrs. Chatterbox the very best in your new endeavors and look forward to your future anecdotes.
By: Susan Genovese on January 13, 2018
Oh, dear, that's what I get for being inattentive. I just discovered this post, Stephen, and read it with a touch of sadness. But I, too, have been through this and I trust, like me, that you'll be back. You don't have to write every day if you have nothing to say, you know. Whatever, the best of luck to you and your family. You will be missed, as I'm sure you now know if you've read all the comments on this post.
By: Catalyst on January 13, 2018
Like Catalyst above, I missed this post somehow. I found it by logging to your site with the intent to inquire about your health as you have been missing from the blogosphere, and now I know. Enjoy your hiatus and concentrate on your other artistic talent.
By: cranky on January 13, 2018
Looking good, Stephen. Enjoy your hiatus. I too have been working on some art lately (and reading some really good books).
By: Michael Offutt on January 17, 2018
I'll miss reading your stuff, Stephen. You were the first person to follow my own humour blog and I'll always be grateful for your support and sustained interest. I, too, hope that you will return but, in the meantime, I wish you success in your new challenges.
By: Bryan Jones on January 19, 2018
You look healthy and happy and I hope you enjoy your break, even if it is a long one. I fully understand time issues and spreading yourself too thin amongst hobbies to enjoy one or the other properly. Have fun, be safe and God bless.
By: Terri@ Coloring Outside the Lines on January 23, 2018
Phew, having lost a close blogger (or more than one) for the worst of reasons, I was thinking, "I hope Chubby Chatterbox is okay. Haven't heard from him in a while." I appreciate your staunch loyalty to visiting my blog, and your wonderful contributions to our blog family. Glad this is not farewell. But perhaps til we see each other again. All the best as you re-shift your focus. Virtual hugs and literal gratitude. PS CONGRATULATIONS on 1000 posts. (That took me 8 years.) It's an amazing accomplishment! Robyn
By: Robyn Engel on February 8, 2018

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