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Peculiar Picture #23

February 24, 2013

Perhaps no picture I’ve painted deserves to be in my Peculiar Picture File more than this weird version of The Pied Piper. I can’t remember why I painted this image although I recall being happy when I signed my name to it. Art directors were less than thrilled when they saw it in my portfolio. Strange. Odd. Unmarketable; these were some of the nicer words hurled at my poor picture.


This piece has never sold because no one could imagine a use for it. Can you?




Well, the pied piper is the leader and the sheep are following him no matter what. Right or wrong, just blinding following. Have a terrific day. :)
By: Comedy Plus on February 24, 2013
Oh rats, bats and alley cats......I like this. I think I know some of those down on their knees. And the piper is a spiffy little devil in his turned up shoes. Oh I like this painting. That should possibly scare you because I am the matriarch of Casa de Cuckoo. But I think it is wonderful. Are you going to show us more of your paintings????? PLZ, Oma Linda
By: Oma Linda on February 24, 2013
I see the pied piper with all his not too bright followers. This is a fun one to look at-
By: shelly on February 24, 2013
Oh Stephen I am pulling myself up off the floor to write you...oh hahahah who are those strange people on their hands and knees? Lordy this is hilarious- love it! By the way I am up in Portland this week - flying up today and will be bringing up some Lemon Marmalade that I made -extras!!! If you would like a jar I would be happy to mail or bring one to you! Just email me.....! Cheers!
By: Kathe W. on February 24, 2013
Chubby, it's marvelous. Don't listen to those people who have no 'use' for it, it's thought-provoking and original. You're a phenom.
By: Madeleine McLaughlin on February 24, 2013
HHHMMMM can't think of a marketable use for the illustration but I am sure there are plenty of human rats in our world that need to be rounded up.
By: Cheryl P. on February 24, 2013
I think it's obvious-- he's a politician of some sort!!
By: fishducky on February 24, 2013
I think it's very well done, and I really like the costume on the Pied Piper. Maybe the problem is the children are rug-"rats"! Seriously - you're very talented. I'm impressed! lol
By: Lexa Cain on February 24, 2013
I like it too! I can envision it being used as a poster for a musical or an album cover. The latter being my preference. Perhaps a Genesis album back in the day.
By: Daniel LaFrance on February 24, 2013
It's no more weird than most art. I like the magical feel to it, and I can see it as a backdrop for a ride at Disneyland. Maybe? xoRobyn
By: Robyn Engel on February 24, 2013
fishducky nailed it.
By: (not your) Uncle Skip on February 24, 2013
I think maybe you could sell it to a Scientology chapter.
By: Bruce/Catalyst on February 24, 2013
Oh, i agree with the others, i like it! So blindly following, they are awful and hilarious at the same time.
By: mimi on February 24, 2013
Yes, I think he's ridding the town of human rats. Maybe a theatrical costume shop could use it. "We've got it all...from Pied Piper to rats."
By: Val on February 24, 2013
It is a little disturbing. Did you do this when you were working at the bank?
By: Cranky Old Man on February 24, 2013
I could see it being used in an ad for home security systems. "Because magical Pied Piper's don't exist, we're ADT home security."
By: Brett Minor - Transformed Nonconformist on February 24, 2013
I love the painting, it reminds me of politics.
By: John on February 25, 2013
I find it quite intriguing - what about an anti-drug ad - "The lure of drugs - not a child's game" or something similar? or as Daniel or fishducky suggested, something to do with politics, theatre or music?
By: jenny_o on February 25, 2013
I find it intriguing, Stephen! It took tremendous imagination to create this painting.
By: Michael Manning on February 26, 2013
It might make a good political cartoon.
By: joeinvegas on March 1, 2013
It might make a good political cartoon.
By: joeinvegas on March 1, 2013
I think you know from my blog that I practice in psych. I'm a shrink. I love this painting! I have a history of putting thought provoking art in my office space. I can only imagine the stories this one would create. It's fabulous! I agree it makes a great political cartoon but on the basis of somehow drawing closer to death...Those folks on the ground are very grim reaper! I also agree that I would love to see more of your art online.
By: lydia/zoe on March 2, 2013

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