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September 19, 2013





Two special shout outs this morning. First, thanks to Hilary at The Smitten Image for singling out my story A Home for the Swifts. It’s always an honor to see my name in her Posts of the Week feature. Check out Hilary’s blog to enjoy amazing photography and the other great posts honored this week.


Second, I’ve once again been invited to submit a story to Retirement and Good Living. I’m told my last contribution, An Elixir for Retirement, was one of their most viewed articles. I hope you’ll check out Buffaloed and leave a comment at Retirement and Good Living so these nice folks will invite me back. Just follow the link:


Have a terrific day.




Mazel tov--you deserve it!!
By: fishducky on September 19, 2013
How can I find "An Elixir for Retirement"?
By: fishducky on September 19, 2013
You perception reminds me of a joke: A man was held up at gun point. The police asked him about the robber. Race? I don't know Height? Couldn't say. Hair color? Eye color? Tattoos? Don't remember. Did you see the gun? It was a colt 45 pearl handle brush finish serial a16-14932L!
By: Cranky on September 19, 2013
Oh, congrats on your POTW, it was a most worthy post!
By: Cranky on September 19, 2013
As one of my former colleagues used to say "Here's an attaboy for you!" Congrats. Glad others can enjoy the Chatterbox.
By: Tom Cochrun on September 19, 2013
Yay, for you!!! I went over to both sites. The Smitten Image looks like a great blog to get hooked on. Like I need to find more blogs to read. The Buffaloed piece is great, BTW.
By: Cheryl P. on September 19, 2013
Congratulations...and what Cheryl P. said. :-)
By: Pixel Peeper on September 19, 2013
Congrats on your Retirement and Good Living!
By: Val on September 19, 2013
Great story. Thanks for sending us over. And thank you kindly for the shout out. That's so appreciated. :)
By: Hilary Quint on September 19, 2013

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