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The Bird And The Bees

March 09, 2012 :: written in: Five of My Favorite Posts
Excerpt from my memoir The Kid in the Kaleidoscope:   When I was thirteen my best friend Ricky Delgado asked me, “What do you think of Sally Perkins?”   “Sally Perkins? I dunno. Why do you ask?” Sally lived three houses down. When she was five or six, she pulled her pants down over by the lamp post. I hadn’t thought about her much since then.   “Do you think she’s cute?”   “I guess so.”   “Don’t you think she has nice boobs?”   I hadn’t noticed that Sally Perkins had boobs, nice or otherwise. “I guess so.”   “My old man tried to give me ‘the talk’ last night,” Ricky said. &l ...

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My Misguided Attempt at Erotica

March 23, 2012 :: written in: Five Most Popular Posts
A new friend recently posted a titillating piece of erotica that sent me dashing for my second shower of the day. I wish I could write racy prose, not that I haven’t tried. Years ago I learned that many bodice-ripper romances, similar to those that filled Mrs. C’s bookshelves, were written by men. I set my sights on becoming a romance novelist. My manuscript was called For Love Returned, and my heroine, Allison, was described as someone capable of giving a marble statue an erection. She lived in eighteenth century England and was engaged to a handsome sea captain named Justin. Their happiness was cut short when Allison was convicted and sent to prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Logic, it seemed, wasn’t a necessar ...

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