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Final Painting of the Summer

October 02, 2017
Over the summer I managed to complete twelve paintings, some I’ve yet to share with you. Two of my more successful paintings were inspired by photographs posted by fellow bloggers, and I appreciate being given permission to use them as inspiration for my paintings. The photograph that inspired my last painting was taken by Tabor at One Day at a Time.             Over the weekend I added finishing touches to Chess Game. I completed it just in time; this weekend it began raining and the temperature dropped nearly twenty degrees. My days of painting in the warm garage are over, at least for now. I can handle the cold but the light is now too poor for me to paint effectively. Mrs. C ... read more

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Happy Retirement

October 04, 2017
          Mrs. Chatterbox has worked nonstop since graduating from college, and yesterday she retired after working twenty-one years for the City of Beaverton. She inherited a volunteer program that was spotty at best, and she grew it into an organization of over a hundred volunteers. Hers was the only department that actually saved our City money. You can see on the giant check in this photograph—presented to our chief of police—the amount she saved taxpayers by having volunteers perform jobs police officers would otherwise be required to do, freeing them for more important tasks.         I’m extremely proud of all she’s accomplished during the course of her c ... read more

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The Neon Museum

October 16, 2017
      When I was growing up, I was a member of a large and boisterous ethnic family. Mrs. Chatterbox says she felt like the groom’s parents meeting the bride’s family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I was the baby of the family, and over the years just about everyone has passed away. When my mother breathed her last on Christmas Eve of last year, we were reduced to a family of three, but now we have a daughter-in-law and we couldn’t be happier.   Our flight to Las Vegas was pleasantly uneventful and after arriving we were picked up by the wedding party who were on their way to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, nicknamed the Neon Boneyard—a burial ground of old neon signs retrieved from demolished ho ... read more

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Partying with Nurses

October 18, 2017
  Our son’s wedding was perfect; the weather was wonderful and the setting magical. The bride couldn’t have looked more beautiful, and the groom didn’t look too shabby, either. Mrs. Chatterbox lost it when CJ gently stroked his bride’s hands to keep her calm during the ceremony. But when all was said and done I was left with a question I needed answered.   Have any of you ever partied with nurses? Before our son’s wedding, I hadn’t either. It hardly needs to be said that my partying days are long behind me, not that there was ever much to brag about. I’ve always hated beer and that’s what most college guys drank back during my salad days. In fact, I was deemed an “early cras ... read more

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