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December 22, 2017




I’m not a great gift giver so this time of year can be challenging. Mrs. Chatterbox and I aren’t in need of anything and most of our desires have long since been met. Our son CJ loves Christmas and is practically one of Santa’s elves. He lavishes the people he loves with remarkable generosity. He recently told me that he’d gone to the local mall to pick up a few gifts and had been disappointed at not finding anything he’d been looking for. So he walked back to his car and in a matter of minutes purchased everything he wanted—online! I know more and more people are shopping online, which is why Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, will soon become the world’s first trillionaire.


I mention this because of my most recent shopping experience. I finally figured out an appropriate gift for Mrs. C. (which I won’t divulge because she reads my blog and the surprise would be ruined) and headed to the mall to make my purchases. All together I checked six stores, three at the mall and three others scattered across the Portland metropolitan area. No one had what I was looking for, so when I got home I went to my computer and ordered the item online.


This wasn’t how I wanted to shop. Having spent years in retail, I missed the fun and excitement of this all-important marketing season. Although I was happy to give up working in retail, at Christmas I still enjoy the festive spirit and happy exchanges with people. As a retired/self employed person, I don’t have enough contact with people. In addition, I believe in supporting Mom and Pop shops as well as local businesses. I also hear that brick and mortar stores are struggling, and even mall anchors like Sears, Penney’s and Macy’s are shutting their doors.


I fear that one day malls and most stores will be gone and everyone will do ALL their shopping online. I’m not sure I want to live in a world like that.


But after draining a tank of gas and fighting traffic, I broke down and ordered what I wanted from Amazon. Of course they had everything I was looking for, shipping was free and I had my items delivered directly to me in two days. I was actually amazed, and slightly horrified, by how easy it was—of course it was made easier by Mrs. Chatterbox having opened an account with Amazon so I didn’t even need to give them our credit card number.


What about you? Did you climb into your car and fight traffic to do your shopping, and if so did you find what you were looking for? Or did you likewise shop online? Perhaps you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet?


Note: The item I ordered just arrived on our porch, in less than forty-eight hours.





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There are still some things Amazon isn't great for, like large appliances. And sometimes you want to take immediate possession of something. Some stores like Wal-Mart you can get it shipped to the store and pick it up, which is good in that you don't have to worry someone will steal the package off your porch. That's a new-ish thing that's become big with so many people ordering from Amazon. I ordered a ceramic pizzeria from KMart for my mom's Christmas village but it still hasn't shown up and UPS has no idea where it is so I got a refund from KMart; if there were any KMarts in 50 miles of my mom and sister they could have just got the thing at one and not needed shipping.
By: PT Dilloway on December 22, 2017
we don't do christmas. husband and I quit giving each other presents years ago and the kids are grown with grown kids. the grandkids get money. all it takes is a trip to the bank. I will buy my own present if I see something I want. usually a small piece of art.
By: Ellen Abbott on December 22, 2017
Yes, I had your same experience of going hither and yon trying to find what I had in mind only to just order it online. Before back surgery I was not able to get out and do all that running around. Ordering online was so much easier and it was brought to my door! I was hooked! Merry Christmas, Mr and Mrs Chatterbox!
By: Linda on December 22, 2017
I only went actual shopping with Cindy once this year and that was for me to push the buggy and load the goodies in the car. All of my gift buying was online this year, as you pointed out it is so easy and the packages arrive quickly...bad news for actual brick and mortar stores I believe.
By: Jimmy on December 22, 2017
My husband does our grocery shopping & we give the children & grandchildren money as gifts (nobody's complained yet) & everything else is done online!!
By: fishducky on December 22, 2017
Strangely enough for the first time in years I've done most of my shopping online, but have ventured out the shops a couple of times too. Normally I do it all online.
By: LL Cool Joe on December 22, 2017
My wife buys a lot of things online. It's great if you know exactly what you want. However when it comes to gifts I'm also challenged and I need to browse real stores for inspiration. Odd timing for this post - I just got back from a successful shopping trip. I knew what I wanted but I wanted to view a selection of designs. Tried searching online for local stores that had things in stock but couldn't find anything useful and decided to drive downtown. First store I went into I found just what I wanted and left minutes later, a happy customer.
By: Botanist on December 22, 2017
Gift shopping is done on line or via check book and snail mail. The only things I buy in person anymore are food and clothes for myself.
By: Arkansas Patti on December 22, 2017
I did all of my shopping online. I buy some of my food in a store and have some delivered by Schwan's. I haven't been to a mall or a department store in years. Last week I learned that I needed two tires for my car. My son told me what to get and I ordered them on Amazon. We stopped by a tire shop today to have them put on the car because my son doesn't have the equipment at home to do that task. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Love, Janie
By: Janie Junebug on December 22, 2017
LIke you, we try to shop local but it's getting harder and harder. We did buy some things locally, but we bought a good portion online. R
By: Rick Watson on December 22, 2017
I like to browse in the stores a couple of times, but no malls for me. They're too far away. I did about 85 percent of my shopping online this year. I started doing that about 5 years ago. It's great, except the part about waiting to see if the packages are smashed.
By: Val on December 22, 2017
Everyone gets a green gift here, except Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma gets whatever she wants for her art supplies (this year it was actually something from Amazon), and Grandpa gets edibles.
By: messymimi on December 22, 2017
I like to be able to look at the stuff and ask questions. I haven't done any online shopping. However , I know that sooner or later I will have to shop on line.
By: Keith Kline on December 22, 2017
I went once to the mall and it was so empty-I had a hard time finding what I was looking for and like you, I mostly ordered online.
By: Sage on December 22, 2017
I try to do both, but this year I leaned heavily on the online shopping. Amazon Prime is amazing. Merry Christmas to you, Stephen!
By: Marcia @ Menopausal Mother on December 22, 2017
I'm a complete bricks and mortar shopper myself. I like to touch, feel, examine and sample-read (books or magazines). And I like the music and the bustle of the stores, too, once most of the shopping is done and I'm not under as much pressure.
By: jenny_o on December 22, 2017
You are correct. We are moving into a new era in retail. I'm not a great shopper but in the holiday season I like the texture and contact of shopping in a store. I prefer grocery shopping where I can see the produce, fish or meat and etc. Online is no doubt a convenience that will shape our culture, still the human interaction is desirable. But then I also prefer a newspaper for local news.
By: Tom Cochrun on December 22, 2017
Mrs. L and I decided long ago to end gift giving to one another. We put our funds towards travelling. Our children are all adults living their lives and trying to get ahead in life. We asked them to not purchase gifts for us. When we’re able to get together, we enjoy one another’s company and a great meal. I no longer travel due to health issues and Mrs. L travels with her girlfriends or our adult children. So this year I ordered something online for her. She’ll be surprised!
By: Daniel LaFrance on December 22, 2017
I am like you- I liked the hustle bustle of Christmas shopping...BUT since moving to the hinterlands where one would have to drive 70 miles to get shopping done for family and friends that do not live close by- it is far easier for me to order online exactly what I want to give to someone. I still wrap and mail these gifts as I like to include homemade goodies. And I still also write personal notes in our Christmas cards and "Gasp" mail them. I actually dislike the email Christmas cards that annoy me with the usual bragging about who, where and how much they spent doing this and that. I treasure the family photo cards that arrive in the mailbox...and I save those cards ...they get tucked away with the Christmas decorations so I can look at them every year. Have a lovely Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!
By: Kathe W. on December 23, 2017
Like most people of our ages nowadays we've given up gift shopping. I go out to get two cat calendars, one for the BRD and one for us, and Judy does a ton of baking. And that's it. As you said, we've got everything we could ever need anyway.
By: Catalyst on December 23, 2017
We shop more online than at stores. I don't mind going to the store(s), but I don't like HAVING to go to the store(s). I enjoy the leisurely experience, not the pressure of having to find something. I just read that within 5 years 20% of all malls will close. Brick and mortar are dying along with mom-and pop stores. Pitty.
By: scott park on December 24, 2017
We do a mix of online and brick-and-mortar-stores shopping. I couldn't imagine getting groceries delivered. I need to see, touch, and pick out my own food. For one, some Amazon employee would never grab the box BEHIND the first one on the shelf... Around here, the malls are so busy and crowded that I always wonder if the predictions about stores and malls disappearing are made up.
By: Pixel Peeper on December 24, 2017
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